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So much to do...
Or nothing at all. Wananuki is a playland just waiting for you to explore. From sailing to snorkelling, history to horseback riding, there's something for everyone.
Summer Wind
The schooner spends summers in the heat of Philadelphia, but winters here in Wananuki. Don't miss it!
Gonzalez Fortress
Tour the remains of the old fortress, home of a failed 1672 Spanish settlement.

Walt's Dive Boat
Take a dive with Cap'n Walt and see under the sea. You're sure to find our treasure!

Lady Godiva Stables
Nude horseback ridiing on the beach. We know bareback!
Cap'n Tom and his fearless crew will take you on a fateful trip from this tropic port - and bring you back every time! | more
That's our only rule
Whatever you do on Wananuki, do it slow. Relax and let the current carry your troubles away!
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