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Fresh every day!
You'll wake to the smells of fresh coffee and baked bread. You'll dine on fish of every stripe, all caught locally. Our nights are spiced with salsa and rum. You'll want it all!
Stumpy has been making hot dogs at the Harbor Pier for 30 years. And he's finally gotten good at i!
Cookie's Coconut Cafe
A favorite hangout for lunch. Best Sunday brunch on the island!

Stinky Petes Beach Bar
The island's wild time place! Great for a late night snack.

Linni's Grill
Fresh ingrediants and a warm kitchen. What more could you ask for? Simply the best food on the island!
The Mystery Hot Dog Shack has served lunch to beach bums, Hollywood stars and even a US President. It's where the locals eat!
Made in Wananuki
Our little island is famous for a tremendous variety of beers. Do you have time to try them all?
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