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For Every Occassion!
You'll find everything you need, and more, in our quaint boutiques down cobblestone streets. From hangin' out at the beach to elegant evenings, you'll find it all here!
It was 1971
Fat Tony dreamed of being a professional surfer, but the heavyweight division never really took off.
Lemon's Jewelers
You'll never get a lemon at Lemon's! Find it on Pirate Street.

The Bread Barn
The island's best baked goods. Their brownies should be illegal!

Roz's Sandal Shoppe
You can't wear the same sandals to the beach twice! Just ask Roz.
So he started selling T-shirts from the back of his VW bus. Fat Tony Jr now runs the shop at the beach.
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Made in Wananuki
Local a rtisans have produced spectacular hand-made goods here for generations. Have fun!
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